Rose Essential Oil – Healing Benefits, Uses & Recipes

Rose flower is arguably the most loved flower on the cosmos. Apart from being used to express love, friendship and admiration rose flower also serves medicinal purposes. Rose essential oil is extracted from fresh Damascus roses through a steam distillation process. This oil has various properties; antispasmodic, antidepressant, aphrodisiac, antioxidant and, antiseptic, just to mention a few.

Uses of Rose Essential Oil

The extraction process of rose essential oil is pretty much complicated and consumes a lot of rose flower petals. For instance, you can only extract one ounce of rose essential oil from 60,000 roses! This explains its high price in the market. Nevertheless, people still buy it due to its various uses and health benefits.

Stress and Anxiety

Rose Oil for AnxietyRose essential oil provides a soothing effect in the body. It is therefore useful in invoking positive feelings, joy, and happiness. Researchers have proved that using the rose essential oil can help in relaxing the mind.

Rose essential oil helps to boost a person’s self-confidence and esteem. It is useful in lifting the mood and reliving pleasant feelings and memories.

If you are feeling depressed, stressed out or anxious, try diffusing rose essential oil. You can alternatively mix it with a carrier oil and inhale it for a few minutes.

Healing Benefits Of Rose Essential Oil

Rose essential oil has many health benefits in our daily lives. It is one of the primary oils that you should include in your essential oil kit at home. It can be used individually or in combination with other essential oils to treat specific ailments.


Rose essential oil has an antioxidant property that makes it useful in removing toxins from the body. It helps in purifying blood by neutralizing free radicals in the blood. Free radicals in the body steal away oxygen from the blood. This results in dull and weak cells in the body, as they do not get sufficient oxygen. Rose essential oil is important in preventing and treating skin ailments such as acne, skin patches, pimples, boils, or ulcers.

Additionally, antioxidant property of rose essential oil makes it a powerful laxative. It helps in removing toxins from the digestive system that can result in food poisoning. It provides a harmless and effective laxative effect on the digestive system. It helps in clearing bowels and intestines by boosting intestinal muscles. This results in losing weight and the prevention of the buildup of toxins in the body.

Antiseptic Properties

Rose essential oil has antiseptic properties that help in healing wounds and other skin conditions. It cleans both internal and external wounds, preventing secondary infection. You can heal your external wounds by topical application of Rose essential oil to the affected area of the skin. For internal wounds, infuse Rose essential oil in your diffuser and inhale the sweet aroma released. It is a harmless, yet enjoyable way of treating wounds as compared to using creams.

Bactericidal Properties

Rose essential oil has been proven to be an excellent bactericide. It is useful in treating diseases caused by bacteria, such as cholera, typhoid, diarrhea, and food poisoning, and many other diseases caused by bacteria. Furthermore, it is used to treat bacterial infection in the colon, respiratory tract, intestines, stomach, and urinary tract. Externally, the Rose essential flower is important in curing bacterial infection on eyes, ears, skin, and wounds.

Antiviral Properties

Rose essential oil is effective in protecting and treating viral diseases. Getting vaccinated against all viruses is pretty much difficult. Furthermore, there some diseases such as cold and flu that do not have vaccines. Also, some of the viruses mutate at a faster rate that vaccines cannot be much help.

Rose essential oil behaves like a shield against a variety of viruses. You no longer have to worry about mutating viruses anymore. Just a drop of the rose essential oil is sufficient in protecting your body against multiple viral infections.

Rose Essential Oil Benefits

Skin Care Qualities

Do you care about how your skin looks? Rose essential oil has chemical compounds that are effective in making your skin smooth, vibrant and even tone. It eliminates after marks, acne, pimples, and boil marks from the skin. Furthermore, it helps in fading stretch marks, marks as a result of surgery, fat marks caused by pregnancy and delivery. Rose essential oil has antioxidant properties that help in healing all forms of marks on the skin.

Rose essential oil also has anti-aging properties. This makes it useful in delaying the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. It helps in strengthening sagging skin and making the color of the skin even. Researchers have proven that Rose essential oil can also be used in strengthening gums and hair roots. This is due to its astringent properties. Besides, the oil boosts blood circulation in the body, making the skin look young and vibrant.

Boosts Respiratory Activities

Rose essential oil has antispasmodic properties that promote healthy respiratory tract. It aids in proper expansion and relaxation of the lungs. This helps in eradicating chest infections, cough, flu, or a common cold.

Its antiseptic properties help in killing microbes that can cause the flu, common cold and other respiratory diseases. This is useful in treating the infection as well as protecting the respiratory tract against future infections. Rose essential oil is also a bactericide that further kills bacteria, protecting the body from bacterial infections.

Easing Menstruation Complications

Rose essential oil has emmenagogue property. Rose oil is essential in stimulating the secretion of hormones that trigger the menstruation process. This is particularly important in people who have delayed menstruation, obstructed menstruation, or irregular periods.

Rose essential oil is also helpful in reducing pain caused by cramps and post-menopausal syndrome. Furthermore, it reduces the intensity of nausea and fatigue. Its antispasmodic properties help in easing cramps and spasms during menstruation.

If you are suffering from menstruation complications, mix two drops of rose essential oil with a carrier oil of your choice. Massage the painful areas using the blend. Rose oil helps with hormonal balancing, reducing bloating, hot flush, and excessive bleeding.

Aphrodisiac Properties

Normally, rose flowers spark romantic feeling. Rose essential oil helps in increasing libido, enabling you to enjoy a happy sex life with your partner. The scent that comes from the oil is enough to arouse your romantic feeling. Rose essential oil is useful in cases of erectile dysfunction, low sex drive, sexual dysfunction, frigidity, and other sexual complications.

Enhancing The Immune System

Rose essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties that help in treating fever. Its antispasmodic properties are essential in reducing and eliminating symptoms caused by the flu and the common cold. It has antimicrobial and antiviral properties. This helps in fighting microorganisms that invade the immune system. Its antiseptic properties help in treating multiple infections in the body.

Rose Essential Oil Recipes

There is a wide range of recipes that you can follow to enjoy its array of health benefits. You can either use Rose essential oil alone or blend it with other carrier oils. Here are some of the recipes you can use to achieve your needs.

Rose Anti-Aging Blend


  • Two tablespoon almond oil
  • Two drops of rose essential oil


Mix almond oil and Rose essential oil in a dark glass bottle. Once properly mixed, use it as a massage oil. You can apply it on your wrinkles, broken capillaries, puffy eyes or any other parts of your body with aging signs.

Rose Vinegar Even Tone


  • 75ml white wine vinegar
  • 500ml distilled water
  • 30 grams fragrant of red or pink rose petals


Mix the petals and vinegar properly in a glass jar. Leave it to sit there for a week, shaking it every day. After one week, filter the blend in a dark glass bottle. Add the distilled water and mix well. Wash your face and then apply the mixture on your face using a cotton swab.

Rose Essential Oil For Toning Breasts



Mix all the above ingredients in a dark glass bottle. Ensure you mix properly. Apply the blend on your breasts after giving birth. Oil helps in encouraging firmness of breasts.

Rose Bath


  • Five drops of Rose essential oil
  • One tablespoon of a carrier oil of your choice. You can alternatively use one tablespoon full-fat milk.


Mix all the above ingredients in a glass jar. Mix properly and add to your bath water. Allow the mixture to dissolve in the water. Get in, relax and enjoy your bath.

Muscle Pain Reliever and PMS


  • Three tablespoons of a carrier oil of your choice
  • Three drops of Rose essential oil


Mix all the above ingredients in a glass jar. Mix well. Put a small amount of the blend in the palm of your hand. Use it to massage your stomach, joints, tired or aching muscles. Use frequently for better results.

Anti-depressant Rose Essential Oil


  • Five drops of Lavender essential oil
  • Five drops of Rose essential oil


Infuse the above ingredients in a diffuser. Place the diffuser in your bedroom and switch the diffuser on while retiring to bed. Use it on a nightly basis to help you enjoy a peaceful sleep.

Apart from the sweet smell of rose essential oil, it has a variety of medicinal benefits as mentioned above. Rose essential oil is indispensable and should be part of your essential oil kit. Order yours today to start enjoying its numerous health benefits.

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