11 Best Essential Oils for Sore Throat – Relieve Pain & Itching

Do you feel that your saliva go down like sandpaper? Is every cough make you wince? A sore throat can be a minor ailment but it is rough. If you are also experiencing this, you need some natural remedies that do not just mask the pain but resolve it completely. Essential oils for a sore throat will provide you with great relief. Here are some of the best ones-

Best Essential Oils for Sore Throat

Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint Oil for Sore ThroatPeppermint is a natural herb which is appreciated across ages. Being one of the oldest medicinal plants on earth, peppermint had been used extensively by ancient civilizations such as Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians. Many scientists have acknowledged and found peppermint essential oil to be useful in treating common ailments like cold, sore throat, cough, and other respiratory problems. When we talk about India, It is a popular home remedy to treat a sore throat. Peppermint essential oil contains antimicrobial agents which make it a viable treatment for other similar conditions such as throat and mouth irritation. Either you can apply tropically to the throat area or inhale as steam.

The menthol ingredient in peppermint oil helps to provide a cooling sensation that can soothe an irritated throat. Dilution is a must due to its potent nature. It may cause skin irritation when used in a pure form.

Directions to use/recipe

  1. Add 4 drops of peppermint oil in hot water
  2. Inhale the steam
  3. Follow the same process twice a day at least for a week


  1. Mix 3 drops of peppermint oil and almond oil
  2. Apply the blend gently on the throat area
  3. Leave it on for few minutes and wipe it off with a towel
  4. Do this remedy several times a day to get relief

Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon Oil for Sore ThroatVitamin C has always been the best solution to prevent and treat various respiratory problems. Lemon oil is so powerful that it does not only boost the immune system but also control viral respiratory infections. There is no surprised that lemon oil is full of vitamin C. And when the oil is extracted from citrus fruit, it is not less than a boon for those who are suffering from a sore throat and colds. With its calming and detoxifying properties, lemon oil has a range of other benefits as well.

Lemon oil also contains analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that are extremely beneficial for treating various ailments. Lemon oil can be consumed. But be sure to dilute the oil before drinking as it is too strong. You can take it with juice, water or tea.

Directions to use/recipe

  1. Mix 5 drops of lemon oil in 1 glass of warm water.
  2. Drink it once a day for three days.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus Essential Oil for Sore ThroatTonsillitis is considered one of the prime reasons for a sore throat. Eucalyptus has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that can ease the pain and tone down the swelling. The advantage of using eucalyptus oil does not end here; it kills the root cause of the problem.  Due to multi-faceted medicinal properties, Eucalyptus oil is used widely in many over the counter products available in the market. Eucalyptus oil is purifying, clarifying and immune boosting oil that supports the respiratory system and soothes physical discomforts.

This oil is popularly used in aromatherapy; the cooling and refreshing scent of eucalyptus oil relieves mental exhaustion and rejuvenates the spirit. Unlike other oils, this oil possesses cosmetic, medicinal and odorous properties.

Directions to use/recipe

  1. Mix 6 drops of eucalyptus oil into 1 bowl of hot water.
  2. Take in the steam
  3. Follow the same procedure three times a day for a week

Clove Essential Oil

Clove Oil for Sore ThroatClove is pervasive in nature. It is easily found in many parts of the world. It was one of the pioneer herbs used for adding flavor to dishes but gradually emerged as an antimicrobial. So there is no surprise that it is widely accepted as a wonderful remedy for various bacterial related illnesses such as a sore throat. By preventing bacterial strain, clove oil can reduce the irritation from turning into a more serious infection. Swelling of throat results in pain and discomfort and this oil can eradicate these symptoms.

Blessed with a multitude of antiseptic, antioxidant and germicidal properties, clove oil can be used to treat cuts, wounds, fungal infections, toothaches, dental pain, and various other diseases.

Directions to use/recipe

  1. Dilute 5 drops of clove oil with 1 teaspoon olive oil
  2. Gargle the blend for two minutes
  3. Rinse mouth with water
  4. Repeat this remedy two times a day for one week and see the difference

Oregano Essential Oil

Oregano for Sore ThroatVarious scientific researches have already established the antioxidant and antimicrobial benefits of oregano oil. Even a few drops of this oil can sufficiently inhibit the growth of harmful strains especially in case of throat infection. Oregano oil is considered a miracle oil in order to alleviate the problem of a sore throat by killing the source of infection. In spite of popping up antibiotics, if there is no respite to your throat irritation, try oregano oil which works on drug-resistant microbes.

Directions to use/recipe

  1. Combine 3 drops of oregano oil with 1 teaspoon of olive oil
  2. Gargle the mixture for two minutes and then gargle warm water
  3. Follow it for twice a day for at least 5 days.

Juniper Essential Oil

Juniper for Sore ThroatJuniper is the most reliable herbs of traditional healers in Turkey for innumerable reasons including infections, inflammation and other respiratory problems. Being a strong detoxifier and immune booster, juniper essential oil improves short term as well as long-term ailments. The sufficient amount of antimicrobial, astringent and antioxidant substances is more than enough to treat a sore throat.

Directions to use/recipe

  1. Add 5 drops of juniper oil with 1 teaspoon of olive oil.
  2. Gargle the mixture for 1 minute
  3. Then gargle with warm water
  4. Do this remedy once a day for a week

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil for for Sore ThroatAre you aware that lavender was first used during the First World War for its antibacterial properties? Now imagine how extensively it must have been used throughout these years till date. These strong properties stand against the pathogens affecting the respiratory tract. This means that lavender oil can be extremely beneficial in alleviating the unpleasant symptoms caused by throat irritation. Irrespective of the method of usage, lavender oil’s excellent abilities can do wonders in inducing relaxation and calmness. A sore throat generally leads to anxiety and stress, few drops of lavender oil can help you sleep like a baby.

Directions to use/recipe

  1. Mix 10 drops of lavender oil into 1 bowl of hot water
  2. Inhale the steam
  3. Do this remedy for two weeks

Thyme Essential Oil

Thyme Oil for Sore ThroatWe all have heard thyme oil is often used to add a minty aroma to the dishes but did you know it is also an effective remedy for a sore throat? Yes, many types of research have revealed that thyme oil is the strongest antibacterial activity against all strains. This fact was reinforced in a study published in the Phytotherapy Research Journal. Like many other oils, Thyme oil can be taken orally. But do not forget to dilute it first. Treating respiratory conditions, promoting skin health, killing bacteria, increasing circulation are some of the main functions of thyme oil.

Directions to use/recipe

  1. Add 5 drops of thyme oil to 1 glass of warm water
  2. Drink the mixture
  3. Repeat this remedy once a day for five days

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea Tree Oil for Sore ThroatSuffering from a sore throat? Tea tree Oil has wonderful qualities including relieving a sore throat. With more than 100 impressive properties, tea tree oil can ward off a broad spectrum of viruses and bacteria. A sore throat is caused by harmful pathogens so it should not be surprising that this soothing oil can help immensely.

Toning down swelling in the throat area is also one of the major tasks of tea tree oil. Using this oil simply means you get a two-fold action- elimination of infection and respite from pain. Highly valued for its medicinal properties, tea tree oil offer other benefits too such as hand sanitizer, insect repellent, natural deodorant, boost wound healing, fights acne, chemical-free mouthwash, all-purpose cleaner, controls dandruff and many more to mention.

Directions to use/recipe

  1. Create a blend by mixing 5 drops of tea tree oil with 1 teaspoon of olive oil
  2. Swish the blend inside your mouth for 1 minute
  3. Spit it out and gargle with warm water
  4. Do this remedy once a day for a week

Keeping hands clean and maintaining hygiene can help to stop spreading sore throat in your home. Although a sore throat can go away on its own after a week or so essential oils for a sore throat can resolve the issue right away. But if nothing works out, it is recommended to consult the doctor and get the right medication.

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