Essential Oils for Bronchitis – (Relief With No Side Effects)

You cough, you have a cold, you wheeze and you have shortness of breath. According to you, it is nothing more than a chest cold but your doctor calls it acute bronchitis. There no need to get scared. It is temporary and you don’t have to grin and bear it. There are plenty of essential oils for bronchitis that can ease your suffering and symptoms. If you have ever heard of essential oils, then it means how crucial they are in the management of many diseases. Essential oils are organic and extracted from specific plants through steam distillation. These essential oils are highly concentrated so you just need few drops for healing. The most important essential oils for bronchitis are-

Best Essential Oils for Bronchitis

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Native to Australia, Eucalyptus oil is extracted through dried, crushed and distilled leaves. It is must to dilute this oil before it is used. Eucalyptus oil has shown remarkable results in silencing a cough. Most of the medicines incorporate eucalyptus oil as an active ingredient. If you are coughing and nothing comes out, Eucalyptus oil can loosen mucus so that it can be expelled. In short, eucalyptus oil clears your chest and also effective in treating bronchitis.  Eucalyptus oil blocks asthma symptoms.

Apart from being a powerful remedy for bronchitis, it is a great weapon against stinky breath. Researchers suggest Eucalyptus oil eases joint pain, soothes cold sores, controls blood sugar, disinfects wounds and keeps the nasty bugs away. Just add a few drops of eucalyptus oil into a diffuser and place it near the person. This process will surely help to open the constricted airways.

 Tea Tree Essential Oil

This oil is often referred as a “medicine cabinet in a bottle” due to its effectiveness in treating the whole host of everyday maladies. Its amazing healing powers have made this oil a popular ingredient in many beauty products. Tea tree oil is widely available and treats a variety of conditions such as soothing sores, fighting foot odour, relieving athlete’s foot, treating chicken pox, reducing cold sores. But its benefits don’t end there. The most important benefit of tea tree oil is that it relieves bronchitis. If you are suffering from bronchitis or other respiratory condition, tea tree oil deserves a permanent spot in your medicine cabinet.

Tea tree oil is safe oil but one must not take it orally. Diffuse tea tree oil through a diffuser. You can directly inhale right out of the bottle.  It is also effective if you apply few drops on your clothes and smells it like a perfume. Dilution is must when you apply it on the skin.

Peppermint Oil

Native to Europe, no one can deny the calming and invigorating effects of peppermint oil. Even drug manufacturers know the miraculous benefit of menthol and that is the reason peppermint oil is the best to treat bronchitis. Peppermint oil is a powerful cleanser widely used for various health conditions including a headache, indigestion and muscle aches. It cleans your chest congestion by thinning mucus. Thanks to its decongestant properties. Essential oil for bronchitis is a safe alternative to over-the-counter medicines that contain harsh chemicals.

You can use steam inhalation process by adding a few drops of peppermint oil to a bowl of boiling water. Spread a towel over your head and inhale. Or you can also apply topically by mixing 2 drops of peppermint oil into a carrier oil and massage gently on the chest to get relief.

Oregano Essential Oil

Best known as a staple herb of Italian cuisines, Oregano is one among the great spices used for in a variety of dishes. Oregano oil is extracted from the leaves of the oregano plant. The major benefits of oregano essential oil include protecting the body from infections, promoting digestive health, assisting respiratory problems especially bronchitis, relieving inflammation, treating muscular pain and a lot more. Oregano essential oil is world famous for its natural antibacterial properties. It works as a natural antibiotic thus improves bronchial health and relieve the symptoms of bronchitis. Oregano oil can be ingested. You can add 2 drops of oil into the diffuser and get the ultimate relief from cold and cough. It is a safe, natural and effective alternative to modern medicines.

Thyme Essential Oil

This multipurpose oil has innumerable health benefits. It can be used in several ways depending on the result you are expecting. Thyme essential oil can be used aromatically, topically and even internally. This oil doe not only promotes oral hygiene but also support multiple body systems during the winter doldrums.

The best results are achieved when diffused through a diffuser. It purifies you and your environment. It can thoroughly cleanse your skin and provides help to problem areas when used topically. Many types of research have thrown light on its substantial benefits. Apart from attacking the root cause of cold, it goes beyond treating a major problem like bronchitis.  It is a safe oil but potent. So be cautious while using it topically. Thyme essential oil blends well with coconut oil. Go for a patch test before its widespread use. Do not exceed recommended doses.

Garlic Essential Oil

Garlic essential oil is the most effective but least known essential oil. The wise use of essential oils for bronchitis can truly bless your family.  Garlic essential oil is reputed to have innumerable benefits such as prevent infections, treat cold, relieve bronchitis, control high blood sugar, reduce fever and protect against heart disease.

There are endless uses how garlic oil can aid in your family’s health. Always remember the potent nature of garlic oil. It must be diluted before use. Unlike other essential oils, garlic oil is not distilled in the air for the benefit. It produces great results when applied to the skin. Do not ingest garlic oil internally. This oil may cause an allergic reaction so a patch test is recommended.

Black Pepper Oil

If you ever had experienced bronchitis, you would know how miserable it makes you feel. This musky, spicy herb was once used as currency more valuable than gold. This essential oil provides warmth and energy to the sagging spirits. It is the ultimate solution for various ailments. When you inhale the scent, it brings a sharp mental clarity. This powerful sharp essential oil is loaded with rich properties such as antioxidant, antibacterial, digestive, diuretic and so on. To experience the perfect relief in case of bronchitis, consider using it as aromatherapy.

Add a few drops of black pepper oil into a pot of hot water and inhale the steam. Make sure you buy a quality product from a reputable source. Black pepper essential oil should not be applied near any sensitive area.

Chest rub, steam inhalation, compress and diffuse are some of the ways of using essential oils for bronchitis.

Word of caution

Essential oils are natural but powerful. There is no specific recipe when it comes to essential oils for bronchitis. Some methods might work for you might not work for others. So it depends on an individual basis. Essential oils for bronchitis help in relieving cough and difficulties in breathing. These oil acts brilliantly in expelling mucus from the airways. But they are not the alternatives to the medical recommendations. Always consult the expert if facing any serious condition.

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