10 Best Essential Oils For Anxiety – 100% Stress Relief

If you are feeling drained or you had a rough day then help your body to have a natural go-to solution. Essential oils for anxiety have direct effects on the parts of the brain that control anxiety, stress, depression, and fear. Anxiety can interfere in your daily life. The reason could be any but if not remedied, it can lead to many serious conditions. In order to relieve your mind and body, either you can adopt holistic approaches such as meditation or counseling or you can use the best essential oils. Here are the top essential oils for anxiety and stress:

10 Best Essential Oils for Anxiety

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender oil can adapt to any mood that is why it is one of the best and most popular essential oils today. Lavender oil is a perfect pick-me-up essential oil to provide a deliberate and therapeutic effect to the body that in turn relieves mild anxiety. Lavender oil is excellent for curing anxiety, improving concentration, boosting memory, alleviating insomnia and calming mind. Rubbing a few drops in your palms provide a feeling of instant relaxation. It works best while traveling or in office.

How to use: You can put drops in your handkerchief and inhale directly. Lavender oil can also be used to relieve stress headaches. Just 2 drops into your temple can bring a smile on your face. Sipping lavender tea is a great way to end a long day.

Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil

This miraculous essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties for soothing muscles and joints after a tiring day. For those who are worn out from their day-to-day lives, lavender oil is an instant energy booster. Invigorate your senses by inhaling this amazing oil directly. It can reduce drowsiness and make you feel active both physically and mentally.

How to use: You can blend this essential oil with any carrier oil and use it for full body massage. A diffuser can also be used for a wafting the scent through the entire house

Lime Essential Oil

Lime essential oil is widely known for its intense and potent aroma. It works best to refresh and uplift the mood. Its stimulating effect on the body can be helpful to relieve stress, grief, and a heavy heart. Embrace positivity in your life by using this lovely oil. This oil also delivers antioxidants to the skin, which may reduce dark spots due to aging. It acts great as an insect repellent.  The best way to use lime essential oil is in a diffuser. It cleanses the air and improves the mood. The pleasant aroma fills positing vibes during high-stress situations at work or at home.

How to use: You can directly inhale a few drops of lime essential oil for an instant uplift. Lime essential oil blend can provide impressive benefits if used for full body massage.

Essential Oils for Stress

  1. Cedarwood Essential Oil

The aroma of cedarwood essential oil acts great at relieving stress and tension. Cedarwood essential oil has an abundance of health benefits such as promoting calming effects on the mind, stabilizing the mood, preventing common scalp problems, reducing joint pains, treating minor cuts, providing pain relief leading to a balanced state of mind. Cedarwood essential oil does not only help to relieve anxiety but also improves focus.

How to use: You can inhale it directly to get instant relief. It can also be applied above your eyebrows to relieve tension.  Furthermore, it offers incredible benefits if used in a diffuser.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Looking for an instant relief? Let the cooling effect of eucalyptus oil spread its magic around. Eucalyptus oil has a rich minty aroma that works perfectly for boosting energy, reducing stress, mitigating mental tiredness and creating a positive environment. This oil is considered the best remedy when dealing with cold, flu and other respiratory problems. If you are little under the weather or feeling exhausted, use this earthy oil for creating a refreshing atmosphere.

How to use: Either add this oil to your shower or apply topically to your skin after a tiring day.  You can also avail its amazing benefits by diffusing it in the air.

Orange Essential Oil

Orange essential oil is blessed with a powerful, uplifting fragrance. This oil is world-known for its proven stress-relieving benefits. Apart from being best essential oil for anxiety, it acts great as an immunity enhancer, natural antibacterial, kitchen cleaner, circulation booster, pain reducer, mood booster, skin saver, acne fighter, digestion booster, and natural mouthwash.

How to use: Inhaling directly, using it in bathtub or diffusing orange oil in your home can bring relaxation to the soul. Brighten your mood in the morning and calm your nerves after a long day with the help of orange essential oil.

Rose Essential Oil

This essential oil has no comparisons when it comes to the fragrance. Soothing the mind, promoting a sense of peace, spreading tranquillity and boosting self-esteem are the main functions of rose essential oil. Rose essential oil works wonderfully for those who are suffering from depression. This essential has been used in natural beauty products for thousands of years. There are many qualities that make rose essential oil a must to have in your house. To name a few- it improves skin health, battles with depression, promotes feelings of joy and happiness, perfect for hormones health, treating wounds, eliminates bacteria, reduces stomach disorders and a lot more.

How to use: You can inhale directly by rubbing onto your palms or applying on your handkerchief. It can also be used by rubbing on the neck or palms for instant energy.

Grapefruit Essential Oil

The aroma of fresh fruit is perfect for reenergizing, uplifting and improving the overall health of a person. This great stress buster works exceptionally well for alleviating mental fatigue; boosting the immune system and r

Essential Oils for Depression

educing anxiety or depression. The grapefruit essential oil belongs to the citrus family and offers enormous benefits such as eliminating infections, controlling appetite, removing toxins, acting as a tonic and treating skin problems. Start using grapefruit essential oil to kick-start your day.

How to use: This oil produces the best result when used in a diffuser. It can also be added to your shower. You can also apply the blend topically.

Sandalwood Essential Oil

A slight dab is all you need to feel the powerful effects of sandalwood essential oil.  When you deal with intense pressure in your daily life, you need to have natural remedies that can bring peace and harmony. Sandalwood essential oil helps ease anxiety, improves overall well-being and mental health. This oil is full of relaxant properties that aid in soothing, calming and sleeping. It is also proved as an excellent emotional balancer. The powerful therapeutic effect on the brain’s limbic system keeps you mentally alert and improves concentration. This oil needs no introduction when it comes to skin care. Sandalwood essential oil is an effective treatment for facial acne and other skin problems.

How to use: Inhale directly by rubbing on the palms or putting few drops on the handkerchief. Get through the stressful day by rubbing drops on your ankles. Use the blend for full body massage.

Jasmine Essential Oil

Extracted from several jasmine species, jasmine essential oil can do wonders to lift your spirits. The mere aromatic fragrance has the ability to calm your nerves and overcoming stress. If you are feeling blue, jasmine oil produces the feeling optimism and confidence. The oil has been widely used in the manufacturing of perfumes and numerous cosmetic products. The therapeutic properties of jasmine oil offer a large number of health benefits including eliminates unwanted scars and stretch marks, relieves a cough, improves your mood, nourishes your skin, smooths frizzy hair and helps with labor pain.

How to use: Inhale directly by rubbing on the palms or putting few drops on the handkerchief.  Apply topically to subdue feeling of depression. Prepare a blend and gently massage your body for pain relief.

Lemongrass Essential Oil

This is one of the best essential oil for anxiety. Lemongrass is widely used in South East Asia in many culinary delights. The aromatic, calming fragrance of this oil is enough to refresh, reenergize and revitalize your senses. Lemongrass essential oil has various rich properties that help in mood enhancement, muscle relaxing, facial mask, headache relief, treating insomnia, relieving joint pain, reducing fever, treating acne and reducing blood pressure. If you have run out of energy, lemongrass essential oil infuses that energy back in you.

How to use: Breathing in the fresh scent can relieve anxiety and stress. Refresh your senses by diffusing the oil around. Inhale directly by rubbing on the palms or putting few drops on the handkerchief.  Prepare a blend and gently massage your body for a quick pick-me-up.

Out of the countless essential oils for anxiety available, it is entirely up to you which essential oil you should choose. Always keep in mind if something works for you, do not mean it will work for others as well. Pay attention to your body and find the perfect solution that works optimally for you.

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