Best Essential Oils For Dry Skin – Get Glowing Skin

Are you having dry patches on various parts of your body? Have you also experienced cracked and flaky complexion? Do you also suffer from chronic wrinkling and other skin conditions? While the root cause of dry skin may be unknown but choosing the best essential oil for the dry skin can brighten and moisturize the appearance of skin. Unlike other beauty products that use harsh and synthetic ingredients, essential oils for dry skin rely on their natural properties to rejuvenate the dull skin.

Pamper your skin with one of the following essential oils for dry skin:

Best Essential Oils For Dry Skin

Lavender Essential Oil

Just thinking about the mesmerizing fragrance of lavender can make you feel relaxed and sipping lavender flavored tea can do wonders to your skin. When it comes to caring for your skin, you can’t go wrong with this great oil. Lavender oil has been used from centuries due to it’s cleansing and healing properties. Lavender essential oil is best known for its calming properties but it also helps to regenerate skin cells that is why lavender essential oil is a must-have in every household.

Lavender Oil for Dry SkinAlong with day-to-day stress, there are countless toxins in the environment that are badly affecting our skin. Thanks to the lavender essential oil that can fight with these common culprits leaving the calm and supple skin. The lavender oil has antioxidant that can prevent the negative effects of pollutants.

You must be wondering that putting oil on your face would worsen the acne but natural antibacterial and antiseptic properties of lavender essential oil offers a perfect solution to get rid of acne. This oil is great for all skin types and needs.

Lavender oil is not just used for skin care but it offers unlimited benefits such as relieving pain, healing a burn or a cut, improving blood circulation, relieving respiratory disorder problems, repels insects, relieving a dry, itchy scalp and treating hair loss.

Chamomile Essential Oil

Your skin is your body’s biggest organ still it faces the most punishment every day due to various environmental factors. But if you also agree that moisturizing the skin is absolutely vital, Chamomile essential oil is an answer to your dry skin problems.

Chamomile essential oil is well regarded for its moisturizing effects to the dry and itchy skin; help improves the skin health, fights off the germs and signs of aging.  It relieves the pain caused by itching and burning irritation of dry skin. Due to its antiseptic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, it has been proved as one of the best essential oils for the dry skin.

And of course, who does not know about the awesome healing powers of chamomile essential oil when treating chicken pox?

Besides skin care, Chamomile essential oil is used for various purposes like easing skin rashes and scarring, enriching your hair color and radiance, removes dandruff, moisturizing hair, relieving stomach disorders, keeping kidney and urinary tract clean and most beneficial for women.

Frankincense Essential Oil

This magical oil is one of the best essential oil for aromatherapy. Frankincense essential oil is great for dry skin as it acts as a skin conditioner if used externally. Be consistent if you really wish to see your skin soft and smooth.

A blemish-free skin is a dream for many. If frankincense essential oil is in your beauty kit, look no further.  Frankincense essential oil is one of the best essential oils for dry skin, surgery marks, stretch marks, and acne. Regenerating new cells is one of the main functions of this wonderful oil. It can reduce wrinkles keeping you young forever.

Possessing a number of health benefits, frankincense essential oil is also used to clean wounds or cuts, cure warts, provide relief from dandruff, relieve joint and muscles pain, improve immunity, strengthen fingernails, improve concentration, treat osteoarthritis, aid in shedding excess weight, ease fever and headaches, works as a natural diuretic, acts as a tonic for the brain and many more.

Geranium Essential Oil

This oil is extracted from the geranium flower. This floral oil with a slightly earthy aroma is a natural alternative to commercial skin products. Geranium essential oil is the best essential oil for dry skin due to its astringent, tonic and vulnerary properties.

This oil helps in the treatment of acne and other skin diseases. In addition to healing scars and wounds, it acts great in beautifying the skin. It also fights off with one of the biggest culprits of acne- bacteria. Due to its antibacterial and antiseptic properties, it prevents the bacteria on your skin from entering your skin and causing breakouts.

Geranium essential oil has a lot to offer in terms of health benefits such as preventing haemorrhaging, improving cell health, promoting urination, preventing neural degeneration, eliminating intestinal worms, treating infections in the nose, throat and other respiratory organs and uplifting spirits and mental functioning.

Cedarwood Essential Oil

This oil is extracted from cedar trees using the process of steam distillation. It is a viable option for a multitude of physical problems due to its antibacterial, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, astringent and sedative properties. If you are suffering from dry and patchy skin, cedarwood oil is an ultimate solution.

Essential Oil for Dry SkinThis oil is widely known for treating eczema and other skin problems. Acne is a common problem that is faced with almost everyone. Regular use of this oil can cure acne and help reduce inflammation.

Apart from skin care, Cedarwood oil has many uses such as relieving symptoms of seborrhoea, preventing infections, relieving spasms, acts as a health tonic, eliminating cough, killing insects and curing fungal infections.

Helichrysum Essential Oil

This oil is produced from the steam distillation of the flowers of the plant. It is a bit expensive so it is not so common essential oil. But after knowing the amazing benefits of Helichrysum essential, you will agree, it probably should be.

Out of all the essential oils, this is one of the best essential oil for dry skin but you need to be cautious while using it. Always test for skin sensitivity and keep out of eyes, ears, and nose.  Always consult your doctor. It is so gentle in nature that it is recommended for children also. It acts as a moisturizer helps preventing dryness. It is regarded as a perfect anti-aging solution that makes your skin look firm, vibrant and youthful.

This oil is excellent for healing scars, sports injuries, inducing a feeling of comfort, reducing fever, promoting regrowth of skin, preventing infections in wounds, helps in expelling phlegm, maintain a healthy cholesterol profile, reducing inflammation and alleviating a spasm.


Palmarosa Essential Oil

This oil has antiseptic, bactericidal, digestive, and hydrating properties. All these qualities make it one of the best essential oils for dry skin. This oil is widely used in the food industry as a flavoring agent. Dry skin is the main problem for many of us. Sometimes it feels no amount of lotion is enough to treat dry skin. Using palmarosa essential oil for dry skin can meet all your requirements.

Tightness, roughness, and itchiness can cause discomfort; you can prevent and even heal dryness using a perfect essential oil. Furthermore, it has many other medical uses like protecting against viral infections, preventing sepsis, curing bacterial infections, improving digestion, protecting the wound against infections, promoting hydration, relaxing the muscles and nerves, fighting depression, uplifting mood and improving the overall health of the body.

This oil is completely safe for all skin types as it is non-irritant. It is suggested to blend some carrier oil for a better effect.

Patchouli Essential Oil

Extracted through steam distillation of dried leaves of patchouli plant, this oil is an excellent aid to acne, sunburns, regenerating skin cells. Patchouli essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties that help to heal wounds and scars. It is awesome to relieve dry skin and rashes.

This oil is a sought-after ingredient in manufacturing products like soaps, lotions, and perfumes. It has been popular and a staple of the cosmetic industry.

Patchouli essential oil is a time-tested remedy for various health problems including fighting from inflammation, bacteria, and fungi, alleviating depression, getting rid of mouth odour, boosting immunity, healing wounds faster, keeping bugs away, used as earthy perfumes, creating refreshing drinks and improving blood circulation.

Myrhh Essential Oil

Extracted from the resin, myrrh essential oil is full of astringent, antifungal, antiseptic, stomachic, tonic, immune booster properties. Sagging skin, age spots, and dull skin may make you look older, use a myrrh essential skin for gently cleansing the skin. Some of the most common health benefits of this oil are- inhibits microbial growth, fights fungal infections, stimulates nervous systems, relieves a cough, improves digestion, increases perspiration and speeds up healing.

Keep your skin look vibrant and provide it timeless beauty with the help of best essential oil for dry skin- Myrhh essential oil.

Essential oils play a big role in natural skin care. There are myriads of essential oils for dry skin but choosing the best essential oil for dry skin requires few considerations. You need to determine your needs and requirements in order to seek the best results.

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