About Me


First, welcome to my website!

If you are curious to know how I found my treasure and how you can find yours… then continue reading.


Just like many people, I had suffered for a long time from severe digestive issues. I turned to doctors, experts, and other people for advice but all in vain. Even worse, I couldn’t eat at restaurants or at my friends’ places. Simply because I was too nervous about the pain accompanied by digesting the meal, especially the very cheesy and delicious one. Needless to say, this attitude made people form false impressions about my personality starting from; “You’re not nice”, “You will die alone”, and “You are anti-social”. Despite using various types of traditional medications to lessen the soreness, nothing seemed to work out. As if my body was reacting against any traditional prescription. Each year, my problem had only worsened until my twenty-eighth birthday when I came across my TREASURE (and it could be yours, too).

As a surprise, my friends threw the most fascinating party where all kinds of food were prepared and well-served. Oh, I forgot to mention that the list of the food I was allowed to eat consisted of around ten items only. My doctors and I worked to exclude most types of food as a way to have a pain-free day.

However, on my birthday, there was no room not to eat by making excuses or even leaving the party early as I was used to doing in other people’s parties or gatherings. I am sure you all know the person who is never able to live the moment at ease. Well, I was that person. Instead of enjoying my birthday desserts, I was extremely anxious about what could happen. After two hours, I decided to leave the party due to my stomachache. Everyone was in shock. I sincerely apologized and headed toward the gateway with so much bitterness and sadness. How could a supposedly-simple problem ruin my best memories?

One of my friend’s co-worker called my name as I was walking outside and said; “Have you tried the DigestZen?” Obviously, the man had struggled with indigestion and understood exactly what I was going through.

When I arrived home, I googled the name and found some awesome bits of information. Next day, I gave it a go. After all, I had nothing to lose and the problem was actually destroying my best life moments.


On the very same day, magical results popped up. No more pain. I was able to enjoy my time after each meal. Food was no longer a source of anxiety and stress. It didn’t only solve my digestive issue, it transformed me as a person; I became more confident, sociable and outgoing.

However, one stumbling block was finding a solid, rich and reliable resource to depend on through my journey of learning about essential oils. I had to search for months just to understand some tips or techniques.

That is exactly why I decided to create a website to gather everything you actually need to know in order to benefit from essential oils. Simple. Magical. Transformational.

I don’t only share with you some invaluable information but an experience I believe each one is going through. Each person has one tiny problem blocking the way from reaching a comfortable life. When solved, magic happens.

I write about the most effective tips, techniques as well as uncover some secrets about essential oils. In this website, I provide information that will inspire you to a bright life using essential oils!


I am 35 years old working as an IT engineer and this website is basically a place to access simple tips and wholesome techniques into essential oils.

Spreading the word about the significance of the natural oils is my first one value. I am here to answer some of your questions and guide you to your own treasure—which might be next to you.

I am happy to say that now I definitely enjoy my birthday surprises.